Is the Sensa Diet Aid Worth the Hype?

There are a lot of products available to help you lose significant amounts of weight. Usually it’s in the form of a pill or shake, but the latest one to be getting quite a bit of attention is the Sensa diet supplement, which is meant to be sprinkled on your food. If you haven’t see the infomercials or haven’t been blown away by features done in major publications, even the hard-hitting-news program Extra, this post will give you the low-down.

Sensa Diet

By just evenly applying the Tastants over each meal the average user of the product has shown to lose up to or over 30 lbs within six months on program.

Some Interesting SENSA® Weight Loss Advantages

On the main page of the Sensa website you might read or hear that this is not a diet. It’s a product that helps you lose weight. The idea is similar to adding on salt or pepper to your meal.

The way it works is a four-step process:

  1. You sprinkle the “scented, flavorless ‘Tastant’ crystals” on your food.
  2. The “satiety center” of your brain is triggered by your sense of smell.
  3. This “satiety center” sends out the signal of being full and you stop eating.
  4. A caloric deficit is created, minus the side effects of hunger or cravings.

This is a simple strategy to help someone struggling to lose weight. It’s not as drastic as having surgery to get slimmer, and is easy to implement. There’s little you need to worry about in the way of meal times or foods to avoid.

The program is built on the six-month system, with each Tastant working with the previous to prevent the body from becoming resistant to the formula. Progressing from month to month while using the Sensa diet aid allows your natural olfactory sense to overtake your overeating habits to help you lose weight.

What the heck is a Tastant?

“SENSA® Tastants consist of six different patent-pending scent/flavor combinations that are proven to help trigger the brain mechanism that signals when you are full,” as quoted from their website.

How Do I Use Sensa

A Look At the SENSA® Weight Loss Results

The typical results achieved by someone using this product occurs in six months. It’s recommended restarting the program from month one if you want to continue for further results. The major study used to promote the product shows the average participant lost an average weight of 30.5 lbs within a six month span.

In this study 2347 people started in the clinical trial. Out of those, 1436 completed the 6-month trial. This last group is where the loss of 30.5 lbs in six months was achieved. So that’s roughly about 61 percent of the people who completed the clinical trial were the model for the average weight loss.

Here’s a bit of number crunching

Using the average weight loss as a guide, one may expect to eliminate 5 lbs off their body every month with the sensa diet supplement. (Here’s the math – 30.5 lbs / 6 months = 5.08 lbs.) The typical loss of weight per week? About 0.17 lbs. Those numbers seem low, however I can understand that with gradual weight loss, as other studies have indicated, results usually last longer than if a sudden amount of weight loss has been achieved.

By itself, cutting out 30.5 lbs in six months seems pretty doable by sticking to a healthy and sensible diet plan mixed with a doable exercise routine. A safe amount of weight you can generally expect to lose in a week with the diet and workout method is about 2 pounds. Applying this number to match the same six month duration you’re looking at eight pounds a month, and 48 pounds of weight you would shed off.

If you examine both approaches side-by-side, you’d lose 60 percent more weight in a single month if you were to take the traditional diet and exercise route than the sensa diet strategy. Beginning fat loss starts by creating a caloric deficit. But over time, you’ll need to develop a different game plan because your body will hit a plateau if you simply continue to apply the same methods over and over.


I have some reservations that this product isn’t being labeled a drug. Just because it’s not in pill form doesn’t mean it’s not a drug. In their FAQ, SENSA® negotiates their words carefully to imply it’s a food product, so they don’t need FDA approval. However, they state they are using ingredients generally recognized as safe by the FDA. In my opinion, if something manipulates the signals my brain sends out to the body it’s a drug. But that might just be me.

Another thing I have a hold up on is the fact that their claims state you can eat all the same foods and not need to exercise.

This concerns me in two ways. One, if someone eats fast foods all the time, this product still perpetuates an unhealthy lifestyle. Second, the majority of the people shown on the site have achieved greater that the 30.5 lbs. In the very small print it specifically states they “lost more than 30.5lbs by using Sensa longer than 6 months and/or following a sensible diet and/or exercise regimen.”

In the end, is the Sensa diet supplement worth the hype? I would say yes, only because this could be the right catalyst to help someone get started on the right path to living a healthier lifestyle. But as a sustainable method for weight loss? I’m saying “No” because nothing beats out proper dieting and exercising.

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Just wondering if this would be good to lose 15 pounds and if you still had to do the six month program even if you lost this weight using Sensa in two months? I am 74 years young.


Hi Joy, Sensa isn't like the typical weight loss supplement where it will affect the way the body metabolizes food. So that's why you can stop taking Sensa if you've hit that desired 15 lbs goal earlier than expected and not need to finish the entire six month plan. Sensa Tastants just trick your mind into thinking your full. They don't help you to lose weight in any other way. -Mitchell

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