Enhance The Look of Your Muscle Composition – Tips To Harness the Jason Statham Physique


So You Want to Get the “Jason Statham Body”?

Jason Statham Body
Some action-movie stars have it easy.

While most Hollywood celebrities can get away with just looking the part, Jason Statham’s one of those rare actors who’s always willing to perform his own stunts and fight sequences. This is why he trains hard to build functional muscle that is truly believable on the big screen.

Packing on muscle isn’t his goal, however. So, whether you love to lift with heavy weight or prefer lighter loads, building a physique based on Jason Statham’s muscle should be more your strategy.

On this page I’m going to highlight three simple steps to use if you want to learn how to get cut fast and build muscles just like Jason Statham. This is important if you can look good either with your shirt on, or if it’s been ripped to shreds after close-quarters hand-to-hand combat.

Can Your Workouts Match Jason Statham’s Training?

To maintain his athletic build, Statham has been known to train for up to six days a week, keeping one day for rest and recovery. He doesn’t repeat the same routine twice and mixed both bodyweight and free-weight training for better results.

This sure does beat the normal three-or-four day workout split.

Want to see him in badass mode? Check out the trailer for his lastest movie: Killer Elite.

Statham has an athletes background, being a diver for the British National Squad. So he knows a thing or two about keeping his body in top form.

The way he works out isn’t meant to load him up with muscle. Having too much muscle packed onto your frame might accidentally give you an overly plump look. You’ll want to decrease your body fat enough to make your muscles stand out like Jason Stahtam’s muscles.

If you’re looking for a workout program to help you achieve an increase in muscle density while also concentrating on shredding fatReveal The Steel by Clint Nielsen has fast become one of my favorite wokrouts in a short amount of time.

#1 – Boost Your Metabolism with a Diet Focused on Gaining Muscle or Losing Fat

Even though you might already know this, I’ll have to stress that you’ll need to break your addiction to junk food. No chips and soda!

What you will want to substitute are well balanced meals of lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats.

Skinless chicken breast is a good choice, along with other options like turkey, salmon and eggs.

You shouldn’t have to worry about adding a lot of carbs into your meals because the veggies are loaded with them. Not to say you shouldn’t add a bowl of brown rice, or a serving of quiona every now and then.

Most diet plans will suggest eating anywhere of 6-8 meals a day to keep your body primed for fat loss or muscle gain. I actually have found better success with anywhere of 1-4 meals a day. The body is very resilient to however you decide to mix up your strategy. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong on this topic. A lot of it is personal preference, and that’s what is ultimately going to keep you engaged with your diet and motivated for the long haul.

#2 – Workout Efficiently For Toned Muscles

There’s plenty of advice on how to get the Jason Statham body on the web. So, I’ll stop short of adding another routine that he may or may not use in real life. But what I will do is highlight some techniques that someone looking for attaining the muscle composition and performance abilities of someone like Statham.

To help define your muscles, exercises like deadlifts, pullups and pushups will stimulate more muscle fibers throughout the body.

Another major element to use in your routines is interval training. Metabolic training is great for both dropping fat, or for revving up your endurance. You can get the best of both worlds here without ever needing to spend 20-30 minutes on a cardio routine.

#3 – Record Each Workout and What You Eat

Tracking your progress is essential if you want to push yourself further towards reaching your goals. Keeping a workout log is really the only way to monitor your progress. This will make it easier for deciding when to add on more resistance or if things need to be changed up entirely.

A diet log also keeps you honest. Honestly. If you were to record everything you put into your mouth, you’ll probably be less likely to want to see that delicious doughnut written in for the day.

These three pointers are not rocket science, by no means, but they have been proven to help someone build a phyisque that resembles Jason Statham’s body. So that $20 million paycheck for next summer’s blockbuster might never end up in your bank account…bummer…but at least you can look like you’re the star of one.

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