Tire Training – Get In Shape With The Ultimate Backyard Gym

Tire training is, in my book, one of the best methods around to help you get a full-body workout. While it’s original purpose isn’t to get your muscles ripped, it can aid you in driving home your strength and conditioning goals.

Tire Training Workout Routine

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A standalone tire is basically all you need to turn up your training and get into incredible shape. Yes, you can add in the hammer (as above) or hook on a rope, but neither are truly necessary. And, whether we might want to admit it or not, killing a workout with a tire is pretty bad ass. For guys, it’ll get the testosterone pumping for sure. And the ladies? Well, it’ll make you one “damn cool chick.”

Here’s a List of Different Tire Training Exercises

One of the things I really like about tire training is you can workout the entire body in just a handful of exercises. So, it’s fairly easy to work your entire body (upper body, lower body and core) almost all at once. The enhancement of your strength typically comes from recruiting multiple muscles at once. Many of the exercises involved are compound exercises. This strips your routines bare, and primes your muscles to undergo the best possible strength training.

And, if you’re looking to burn some decent amount of fat, combining two or more exercises will help you get your physique looking as lean as possible.

The Usual Suspect Exercises:

  • Tire Flips - This is probably one of the more popular exercises in tire training. You drive the tire up and push it back down to the ground.
  • Farmer Walks - This is going to help improve your gripping strength. While standing in the middle of the tire, pick it up with your palms facing out and walk out as many steps as you can.
  • Push Ups to Dips - This is a fun one. Work your way around the tire while alternating from a Push Ups to Dip. See how many you can manage in one minute, or amrap.
  • Sledge Hammer Drills – There’s nothing better letting out all you’re daily frustration by pounding on a tire with a sledge hammer. If you’re looking for a few different ways to attack the tire you’re in luck. The different techniques are: leading with one side, hammering straight down, or getting in some ab work by swinging the hammer like a baseball bat or golf club.
  • Sled Runs - I’ve seen several different setups that can convert a tire into a sled-like piece of equipment. The best one, and simplest I’ve seen, is nothing more than a chain looped around and attached to a rope line. This basic method can he hooked up to arm straps, or a vest.
  • Shrugs - Simple to do. Just pick up the tire and Shrug. You can work these in with the Farmer Walks, or find your own exercise combination.
  • Tire Jumps - There’s a whole slew of possibilities here for working your legs. You can do something similar to regular Box Jump, or hop the entire length of the tire, or drop in and out and from side to side.
  • Tire Pushes - Position yourself under the tire and treat it like a floor press. You have the option to use both arms, or single one arm out at a time.

Master A Tire Training Workout For An Awesome Physique

I love the “Low Tech/High Effect” idea that this seemingly simple and re-purposed piece of exercise equipment has to offer. Any workout can either be geared towards Strength Training, while another can be focused on conditioning and endurance. Or, even the best of both worlds can be targeted: burning fat while growing muscle.

As the video above shows, there’s a whole road of workout possibilities open to you.

A Few Notes Before You Speed Off On A Workout:

One of the biggest mistakes most people getting started with tire training seem to make is by starting off with the proper tire size that doesn’t match their level of conditioning. This, mixed with not realizing attempting an exercise with proper form, can wreck havoc on your attempts to make this exercise method seem fruitless.

Just like lifting with free weights, your progress should be based on keeping yourself healthy. If you go out and bombard your muscles with more tension than they can handle you’re simply bound to push yourself into an injury.

Another point I’d like to make is: not every tire you use has to be “monster truck” sized. You can easily start off with a spare tire to get yourself acquainted. This is what I recommend for beginners since the average weight of a car tire is somewhere in the area of 20 lbs and up. That should be enough to give you a well-rounded session that should get you sweating pretty damn good.

Also…Using Correct Form Is Very Important

Even while Tire Flips will usually pop into someone’s mind when they think “tire training,” I wouldn’t recommend a novice start out with this particular exercise. The reason for this is there’s great potential for causing yourself an injury. I’ve mentioned tire flips before when I discussed strongman equipment, but I think it’s important to realize that while this is a highly discussed exercise, and there’s a ton of videos of people showing you how to add tire flips into a tire workout, most of these “trainers” are performing this exercise with terrible form.

So, if you don’t know what you’re exactly doing then this is when disaster can strike.

I know it might not seem like fun to wipe Flips completely off your workout program, Coach/Trainer Nick Tumminello suggests, in his Ultimate Guide to Tire Training article, that Tire Flips are one movement that should be overlooked all together. He prefers sticking with tire exercises that are based on pulling instead. While I think there is more possibilities to a tire routine than simply dragging and pulling it around, his is sound advice a novice should really consider.

If you’ve got enough strength training under your belt, and feel confident in your lifting abilities, then Tire Flips can be added into your rotation of exercises.

Generally, where the main cause of error occurs when performing this exercise is to lift like you’re doing a deadlift. That’s wrong. The main idea is to get under the tire like you’re at the line of scrimmage, waiting for the football to be hiked, and then left drive with your hips to start the movement.

You want to move forward, and not necessarily “lift” the tire.

It’s easy to want to make the arms help in lifting the tire off the ground. But keep to using the hips to drive your chest into the tire. You shouldn’t need your arms helping you out.

If you want to see what correct Tire Flipping looks like, check out this video of Smitty of the Diesel Crew showing you how to get it done.

Where The Heck Do You Find A Big Ol’ Tire?

Believe it or not, you can probably snag one of these puppies for close to nothing. This is because most tire shops would gladly let them go at no cost to you. This is because they don’t have to hire a company to dispose of them. It makes their lives just a little easier.

You can do a quick Google search, or open up the yellow pages (yes, the one that’s collecting dust by your old land line phone). You’ll want to look up a “tire recycling center” that’s near by. Usually you’ll have a huge selection to pick from. If possible, try to get a few sizes. Again, for beginners, it’s important to start with a weight that matches your conditioning.

The only thing you might have to worry about is how the hell you’re going to get it home :)

Getting started with tire training might seem a bit daunting at first. What’s really not to fear? There’s this massive hunk of rubber lying on the ground in front of you, and it kind of feels like there’s a black hole at the center of your universe. Yet, once you’ve stared it down long enough it becomes hard to resist. You get drawn into it’s limitless potential. And that’s when the magic happens.

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