From Cruet to Shooters – Drinking Olive Oil To Gain Weight

Sometimes it’s freaking hard to hit the right amount of calories each day when putting on muscle. My simple solution: try drinking olive oil to meet your caloric needs. If you often find yourself falling short to fuel your body beyond your maintenance mode, then this tip can really help to keep your plans on track.

Even while it might seem like highfalutin, or hoity-toity, people are the only ones who go around sipping on a EVOO, there’s nothing wrong with us “common folk” enjoying a bit of the high class. Especially when it comes to making, instead of breaking, a goal.

Drinking Olive Oil(Photo: Ivan Zuber)

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate taking a weekend trip with my family to a neighborhood market. It’s interesting to see all the wonderful shades of green and black bottles filled with olive oil. I love eyeing the stock on the shelves. You’ll never get that kind of variety carried at a big-box grocery store. Sometimes I even get to bring a bottle home and enjoy it with my wife…not all at once, of course…but when you get a good bottle of olive oil—trust me—it’s super hard not to enjoy a little more than you should.

How to Do Shots and Not Jack Up Your Muscle Growth

I first came across olive oil shooters a few years back and almost slapped myself on the forehead.

“Why the hell didn’t you ever considered drinking olive oil?” I said to myself.

I loved the idea because it seemed like such a simple, yet effective method for adding in a few extra calories to a diet. At the time I was having difficulty breaking past my maintenance calorie needs. So this seemed like the perfect fix for me.

Check out page 3 of this article by Chris Shugart, of T-Nation. It’s a great example showcasing how drinking olive oil just three times a day can really lower the buffer for your caloric needs. One olive oil shooter is roughly worth 300 calories. Taking three shots in a day will pump your caloric intake to nearly 900+ calories.

When it comes to increasing muscle volume most people know they need to EAT, but it’s easy to think you’re eating enough when you’re really not. The term stuffing your face just doesn’t begin to describe the experience.

Why It’s Key to Delay Fat Consumption After A Workout

The reason why you don’t want to include fat in your post-workout meals because you can stunt the digestive process. After a routine, when your muscles are totally wiped, the body’s at a point when it’s primed to absorb carbs, protein and other muscle building nutrients.

The body is sort of like in Sponge Mode after completing any kind of resistance training, and is totally ready to repair the tissue that gets broken down during a workout. When you add in fat, you’re setting up a wall that counteracts this goal.

Not All Fats Are Created Equal

The reason why olive oil is often touted “the king of oils” is because it’s mostly comprised of monounsaturated fat (about 75 percent), which typically means they are considered a good fat. The other quarter of its makeup is almost a clean split between polyunsaturated and saturated fats.

Why I choose drinking olive oil over any other oil is simply because it’s already in my kitchen. Sure there are several other choices that can be taken such as flaxseed oil and fish oil, but those don’t have nearly the same kind of flavor profile. They do have flavor, just a really yuck one. Just try downing a tablespoon of flaxseed oil and not wanting to gag.

A Few Other Reasons to Choose EVOO

Some other health benefits of drinking olive oil may include: the possibility of reducing insulin levels, they contain anti-inflammatory properties and they may help with making your voice sound like a million dollars.

Ok, this last one has pretty much nothing to do with boosting your health, but it’s a trick worth mentioning…just ask any singer who needs to loosen the vocal cords before stepping up to a mic.

What do you think? While drinking olive oil might seem a “band-aid solution,” it’s a handy trick to keep in mind while you’re trying to close the gaps in your muscle-building diet plan. This way, you can still see some awesome results while working on the kinks in your eating setup.

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niko - no eXcuse fitness
niko - no eXcuse fitness

A cool take on things that will definitely help people who struggle to consume enough calories per day, because they simply do not have a big enough appetite.


Niko, I find that my eyes are bigger than my stomach most of the time. This is just a simple way for working around the "being stuffed" feeling.

Tom Parker
Tom Parker

This is a great idea Mitchell. While olive oil is pretty versatile, it doesn't go with every food. These shooters are a brilliant way to keep olive oil in your diet, even if you don't want to add it to the meal you are eating.


Thanks, Tom. The reason why I like olive oil shooters is because they're easy and quick. Just pour and swallow. -Mitchell

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