How Are You Getting to Awesome?

No matter how you look at it pursuing a goal is personal.

Sometimes it’s about being fed up with feeling stuck.

Other times it’s about wanting to take things up to the “next level”.

To each their own.


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You Don’t Have to Pick Favorites Between HIIT or LISS Cardio

What’s the best way to burn off body fat?

Is it Interval training (HIIT) or Low-intensity Steady State cardio (LISS)?

Depending on who you ask you’ll get a different answer. Some people hold one in favor over the other.

hiit and liss cardio

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Use me as a prime example…

Over the years I’ve fallen in love with the fast-paced nature of HIIT workouts. They’re time savers for me. However, they’re not the only way to turn the into a calorie burning machine. In fact, I regularly add a walking program into my day.

Why? I’ve found walking is kind of meditative in nature. This is good because stress is known to be an underlying factor for weight gain. So, by putting yourself in your stress-free mode you can really manage your weight without needing to soak your clothes with sweat.

But, just how much weight can you burn from HIIT and LISS?

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My Adventures in Homemade Coconut Oil

Homemade Coconut OilI took it upon myself to do something a little more daring than I’ve attempted lately…I busted out the food processor.

The reason was to show you how easy it is to make coconut oil at home.

During the span of time I’ve been using coconut oil I’ve had the chance to do some comparative shopping online and in the retail stores.

This can end up being one pricey kitchen ingredient.

The best way I could think of to keep the price tags from not getting in the way of someone’s health and well-being

…was to show how to cut the cost down dramatically.

My kitchen adventure only set me back $10 to produce a jar of coconut oil.

Yes, I did say: $10.

This beats out the average price for a full jar of organic virgin coconut oil, which runs upwards of $20 or more.

Below is the entire “list of ingredients”, and the step-by-step demonstration to help get you making your own homemade coconut oil right from your own kitchen.

The Easy Way to Make Coconut Oil From Home

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Does Coconut Oil Work For Weight Loss?

I’ve been toying with coconut oil in my diet for well over a year now, and I have to say that except for the price tag, I’ve actually been really impressed with the results.

There are many reasons other than fat loss for adding coconut oil into your meal plans. A few reasons are it can help to promote healthy thyroid hormonal output (like revving up our metabolism), there’s also aiding to regulate insulin levels (this keeps our blood sugar under control), and the ability to better our cholesterol.

Pretty good arguments, huh?

Coconut Oil for Losing Weight

[This is the kind of image that always pops into my mind whenever I think about coconuts. Maybe it just me longing for summer to officially arrive. :)]

It’s kind of a shame that Coconut Oil has gotten a bad rap over the past couple of decades. After looking at a lot of studies, and going back to a lot of articles shining a dark like on this awesome oil, the main reason why this oil gets labeled a “bad choice” is because it ranks pretty high up there in saturated fat. From here most people associate Saturated fats as being a direct link to heart disease.

Luckily, there is more recent research indicating if you’re using virgin coconut oil, not the overly-processed stuff,  you can reach your fat-burning goals with it. Pretty powerful stuff here.

How Coconut Oil Can Help Us Blast Off Body Fat

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Getting Started With Green Juicing Means Knowing Your Ingredients

One of the perks I find most appealing about juicing is I don’t need to stress over how many vitamins and minerals make their way into my body each day.

For me, personally, it’s a far better feeling to sip on a juice made up of leafy greens and high-nutrient vegetables in the morning instead of popping open the cupboard and swallowing and handful of capsules and pills.

The Best Leafy Greens for Juicing

Sometimes the best things are the most simple. (Photo: Food Thinkers)

Living a healthy lifestyle means getting the right kind of nutrition for your goals. So, this means if you want to get the best value from your juices the one constant in your drinks should be leafy greens. They’re crucial in all kinds of juicing, especially when doing a juice cleanse.

The Benefits of Leafy Greens is Kind of a No-Brainer

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How to Get Rapid Results Using Interval Training, Even When You Have No Equipment

interval training workouts without equipment

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This is a guest post by Jeffrey Knox, from Interval Training Exercises, on how to master interval training when you have absolutely no access to fancy gym equipment.

Jeff was kind enough to share his strategies on how to shred through body fat using short intense training sessions.

If you had a choice of working out for 20 minutes or 60 minutes, which would you choose?

That’s the advantage of interval training…you can create a stronger, leaner physique in less time than sticking with traditional cardio workouts.

Anyone can get started. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves, slap on that headband (if you plan on wearing one) and start burning the fat off your body.

How to Get Fit With Interval Training When You Have No Equipment

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How To Eat To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

What does it take to really make headway on a muscle-building plan?

First off, I think it’s extremely important to know how to eat to build muscle. Most of my ideas on exercise circle around building just the right amount of muscle for your frame—so you don’t look undersized, nor over-blown. The only real way your results shine through is from your diet.

Nobody wants to end up with a bulging belly when they’re after a ripped six-pack.

When you’ve got the right meal plan in place you’ll feel it. Your body will be able to recover much faster in between training, which is awesome. Especially when you need to dig deep during a session. You’ll see quicker results…who doesn’t want that?

How To Eat To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

A quick tip to get yourself on the right track with your meals is to aim for foods that have the shortest life span in the fridge—or on the kitchen counter. This typically means I, or my wife the super-shopper, loads up the cart with awesome produce like veggies (the more colors the better) and fruit. The usually works for my wife, since she’s a vegetarian. But for me…when it comes to actually eating animal-sourced proteins I have to fend for myself.

Yup—I get to play Hunter-and-Gatherer in the grocery store.

How To Manage Building Muscle With Your Meals

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